Recurring emails
for Gmail

is a privacy-centric Chrome, Firefox and Edge extension that allows you to send repeating emails over Gmail. Complete How-tohelp
Chrome Workspace Firefox Edge Opera Brave Vivaldi

Mail Merge

Seamlessly merge data from a spreadsheet or CSV file into a template, so you can effortlessly create personalized and targeted repeating emails.

Recurring emails for Gmail allows you to create a single email body for a whole group, which can be personalized automatically for every recipient. Read Moreopen_in_new

Complete Schedule

Send your emails one time by setting a later date, or many times by setting a fully customizable recurring schedule.

Set the time of day, which days to send on or the number of times to send, all for a convenient schedule.

Read the complete How to send a recurring email in Gmail.

Automated emails: 1M+ and counting!

Be in the know

Stay in control of your communications and ensure your messages are heard with real-time alerts that let you know when your emails need attention.

Recurring emails for Gmail notifies you if nobody opens your emails or if nobody replies within a period of time you choose. Read Moreopen_in_new

Automatic follow-ups

Effortlessly manage your inbox and streamline your communication with automatic email replies. Save time and stay connected without constant monitoring!

Set a followup email and a time period after which if you receive no replies the system will automatically follow up on the original email. Read Moreopen_in_new


Recurring emails for Gmail's service works and is fully integrated with Gmail, including contacts, email creation, Google Workspace and more.

It only works with Gmail, but our sister service, RecurringEmail.comopen_in_new works with all other email providers which allow access via their SMTP servers.

Privacy? How?

Other extensions require you to give up your email privacy by asking for certain Gmail permissions. Consenting to those permissions allows them to read all your emails. That's right, all of them!

We don't, and won't. We'd never ask you to consent to such permissions and the only sensitive permission required is “Send email on your behalf”.

Please take a minute to read our Privacy Policy.


Does Recurring emails for Gmail work on mobiles? Yes!

Use it on any mobile device where you have the Gmail app installed, right from within Gmail itself - see how.

Accepted here

Is it free?

Recurring emails for Gmail is free for personal, casual use. Check out the paid plans if you represent a company or you simply need to get more out of it.

  Free PRO Premium
Max. Scheduled repeats per email 5
Max. Active emails 5 50
Max. Recipients per email 10 * 100 * 100
Max. Manual sends per email 0 5
Skip and Pause No No Yes
Auto follow-up fiber_new No No Yes
Email cloning No Yes Yes
Edit your emails Yes Yes Yes
Sending receipts No Yes Yes
Personalization fiber_new No No Yes
Advanced Mail Merge fiber_new No No Yes
Email tracking No No Yes
Support Response Time Slow Normal Priority
Branding Yes No No
Timezones Yes Yes Yes
Recipient sets Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Yes Yes Yes
Gmail contacts import No Yes Yes
"Send as" aliases No No Yes
No opens notification No No Yes
No replies notification No No Yes
* Gmail API's recipient limit per email Pricing

Browser Extension

Recurring emails for Gmail is also available as a free browser extension that you can install from the Browser Web Stores below.

It allows you to view and manage your recurring emails with ease whenever your browser is open, by clicking the extension icon Extension icon