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How to send recurring emails and reminders with Gmail Gmail recurring email

In today`s fast-paced world, email has become an integral part of our daily communication. Whether it`s for personal or professional purposes, we rely on email to stay in touch with others, share important information, and keep track of our commitments. However, managing our inbox can be a time-consuming task, especially if we receive a lot of emails every day.

One way to simplify this process is by using recurring emails, a feature that allows you to send the same message repeatedly at set intervals. In this article, we`ll explore some of the benefits of using recurring emails in Gmail, and the required steps to achieve it.

Quick-start using Recurring Emails for Gmail in a few easy steps:

  1. Install the extension from the Chrome/Firefox/Edge Web Store.
  2. Reload the Gmail page if you have it open
  3. Open Gmail`s compose popup to write a new email (or reply in a conversation)
  4. After authoring the email, click the red Send Later Send later button button at the bottom of the popup (or the reply screen)
  5. Click the blue circular arrows Recurring icon next to the Schedule button to open the Recurring options and set the repeating schedule as needed
  6. Click Schedule (and log in if prompted)
How to send a recurring email in Gmail
  • Save time and increase productivity

    One of the biggest advantages of using recurring emails is that it saves time and increases productivity. Instead of manually sending the same email over and over again, you can set up a recurring email to be sent automatically at a specified interval. This means you can focus on other important tasks without having to worry about sending the same message repeatedly.

  • Never forget important deadlines

    Recurring emails are particularly useful when it comes to deadlines. For example, if you need to remind someone of a monthly payment or a quarterly report, you can set up a recurring email to be sent automatically at the appropriate time. This way, you`ll never forget important deadlines, and you can ensure that your message is always received on time.

  • Ensure consistency in communication

    Using recurring emails also helps ensure consistency in communication. If you need to send the same message to different people or groups of people, a recurring email can help you maintain consistency in your message. You can customize the email and set it to be sent automatically to each recipient, which helps ensure that everyone receives the same message.

  • Improve customer engagement

    For businesses, recurring emails can be an effective way to improve customer engagement. For example, you can set up a recurring email to be sent to customers on their birthdays or anniversaries. This can help create a personal connection with your customers and improve their overall experience with your business.

  • Manage marketing campaigns more efficiently

    Recurring emails can also be used to manage marketing campaigns more efficiently. For example, if you`re running a promotional campaign, you can set up a recurring email to be sent to subscribers on a regular basis, reminding them of the promotion and encouraging them to take advantage of it. This can help increase engagement with your marketing campaign and ultimately lead to more conversions.

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Compare plans

  Free PRO Premium
Max. Scheduled repeats per email 5
Max. Active emails 5 50
Max. Recipients per email 10 * 100 * 100
Max. Manual sends per email 0 5
Skip and Pause No No Yes
Auto follow-up fiber_new No No Yes
Email cloning No Yes Yes
Edit your emails Yes Yes Yes
Sending receipts No Yes Yes
Personalization fiber_new No No Yes
Advanced Mail Merge fiber_new No No Yes
Email tracking No No Yes
Support Response Time Slow Normal Priority
Branding Yes No No
Timezones Yes Yes Yes
Recipient sets Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Yes Yes Yes
Gmail contacts import No Yes Yes
"Send as" aliases No No Yes
No opens notification No No Yes
No replies notification No No Yes
* Gmail API's recipient limit per email

All paid plans include

  • maximum scheduled repeats * For maximum flexibility
  • 50 maximum active emails * So you can build your library
  • 100 recipients per email * So you can set up your email the way you need to; This is SMTP`s limit
  • 5 manual sends per email * So you can quickly send that extra reminder
  • sending receipts * For your peace of mind
  • fast support * To get the help you need
  • mobile support * Works on all mobile devices
  • Gmail contacts importing * Together with sets and autocomplete

Additionally, the Premium plans include